What should you consider when choosing an espresso machine

You want to buy an espresso machine and are at a loss in the face of various parameters? I don’t know whether to choose full-automatic or semi-automatic? Please read this guide to choose the right espresso machine for your cafe or home coffee corner.

Factors you should consider


There are many good coffee machines on the market, but what suits others may not be your best choice. Before making any decision, please consider what functions your coffee machine needs? In what scenario? Here are some things you need to consider:

Quality of espresso

Time required to prepare Espresso

Installation location (space size, existing infrastructure)

Target consumers (yourself, your colleagues, customers)

Do you need to make flowers or other drinks

Personal preferences (design, manufacturer, brand, country of production, etc.)


Buy espresso machines for cafes


Professional machines will enable you to control the treatment of espresso to the greatest extent. There are many factors affecting the flavor, aroma and quality of espresso: grinding degree of coffee beans, pressure, temperature, extraction time, etc.

Some machines can fine tune these parameters so that you can control the final flavor presentation.

Intelligent machines can reduce human errors, but a barista who knows the coffee machine is also very important to extract a good espresso.

Some professional machines have touch screen display, which can easily and accurately control various parameters. But if they break down, can you still use the machine? Do you know how to adjust them manually?

Before choosing the machine, please consider whether you need to make two or more coffee drinks at the same time.

How many cooking heads do you need? Do you need more than one steam rod? Having more than two brewing heads can help you complete multiple orders at the same time, but you will have more cleaning and maintenance work. Of course, you also need a large enough space to accommodate a large machine.

Ask about the number of coffee machine boilers and the speed of pressure recovery. The stability of pressure is very important to maintain the consistency of coffee production. A stable machine requires at least two boilers so that each espresso can be kept consistent even during peak hours.

You may also need a coffee machine with adjustable pressure. Different pressure curves can produce different results. In some cases, adjusting the pressure of the coffee machine can reduce the channel effect and improve the extraction.

Before buying a machine for a cafe, you also need to consider the following factors:

Know how long the machine needs to be heated after startup (how long it can work after opening the door every morning)

Check whether it is easy to operate the steam rod (some machines are more accurate in controlling steam than others)

Check energy usage (large machines require more power, but some models have energy saving options)

Some types of coffee machines need to be equipped with water filters (does the site infrastructure and space size support it?)

Buy an espresso machine for your home coffee corner


If you often drink coffee on your way to work, a home espresso machine may be a good investment. How much time and energy can you devote to making each cup of coffee? There are some different factors to consider when choosing household machines.

All Italian coffee machines require some basic maintenance: removing coffee grounds or empty capsules, cleaning drip trays, filling water tanks, etc.

Some have detachable brewing heads that can be easily removed for cleaning or inspection. There is also a built-in brewing system, which can automatically clean itself, but if there is a problem, it may be very difficult.

If you like to do it yourself, you can choose a machine equipped with a detachable brewing head; If you want the machine to clean automatically, you may need to consider another method.

As with commercial machines, you should also consider pump pressure. Pressure determines how much flavor the coffee machine can extract from the coffee and the quality of the coffee.

Semi automatic household coffee machine

You may think you need a professional machine with a brewing head and a steam rod, which allows you to prepare espresso drinks like in a cafe, but know whether the complex machine is suitable for you.

Using a professional machine, you need to control the parameters of espresso like a barista: grinder adjustment, powder amount, powder pressing, etc., which take time to learn.

If you would like to beat these drums, you can buy them and enjoy hands-on control of these parameters; However, if you just want a quick and easy drink every morning, this is obviously not the type of machine for you.

Automatic coffee machine

The fully automatic machine can help you do all the work. Just make sure there are coffee beans and water, and then press the button, it can help you make a cup of “espresso”.

Capsule coffee machine

The capsule machine almost completely avoids human error. Keep the water tank full of water, insert the sealed coffee capsule into the machine, and then press the button. It won’t leave you messy cleaning, but disposable items have a great impact on the environment.

Some manufacturers are launching recyclable and biodegradable versions, but do you really need a capsule? It also has a bad reputation in the boutique coffee industry. You can only use specific types of capsules in some capsule machines.

Manual Italian coffee machine

Manual coffee machines use levers to produce the pressure required for extraction. They look great, but they require a lot of effort.

To be honest, there are many factors to consider when buying an Italian coffee machine. After all, it is also a large expense. You can make the best choice according to your actual situation.

Still struggling to know which one to buy? Just choose the most expensive one in your budget. Don’t think about one step. There will always be more expensive and new machines. If you tangle again, the coffee will be cold!

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