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The taste of a cup of coffee consists of many factors, such as coffee beans, coffee making equipment, water, milk, etc. today we want to talk about the second important factor besides coffee beans – coffee machine.

It can be said that a good coffee machine determines half the success of a good cup of coffee. Commercial coffee machines are unmatched by ordinary household coffee machines in terms of bean grinding, water temperature control and extraction pressure. This is why the coffee you make at home is always not as good as the coffee shop.

Commercial coffee machines are roughly divided into two types, semi-automatic and full-automatic coffee machines. As the name suggests, the semi-automatic coffee machine is that some operations need to be completed manually when making a cup of coffee, while the full-automatic coffee machine can be done with one key. But do you know their specific differences, advantages and disadvantages? Let’s make it simple for everyone.

The semi-automatic coffee machine requires the barista to master the grinding thickness, powder amount, water temperature, water yield, pressure, etc. according to the different coffee beans. Different barista operations will get different tastes, which requires a higher skill of the Barista. For example, in the first 10 seconds after the semi-automatic coffee machine presses the extraction key, when the powder filling amount and pressure filling method are correct, the brownish red oil rich liquid will flow out, and then gradually turn into brown, yellow, yellow and white over time, and finally turn into white. Once it turns white, it will feel sour, so stop extraction immediately before that, This time is very short and requires the judgment of an experienced Barista.

Due to the relatively complex operation and certain requirements for the skills of baristas, a small number of private cafes will choose to use semi-automatic coffee machines. On the one hand, the coffee produced by semi-automatic coffee machines enjoys the flavor of manual skills, but on the other hand, it is also full of unstable factors.

The full-automatic coffee machine replaces the manual operations of grinding, pressing, loading, brewing and slag removal of the semi-automatic coffee machine by the machine. Each cup of coffee is produced under the setting of fixed parameters. The method of quickly extracting coffee liquid by steam pressure can extract the mellow espresso coffee in a short time. The machine has accurate measurement and is easy to control, Continuous coffee and hot water ensure the accurate proportion of coffee drinks and greatly improve the standardization of coffee production“ The word “standardization” is very important in chain stores, which means that the same brand stores you choose in any place can get consistent services and tastes, which is also one of the important reasons for the third coffee wave set off by Starbucks. Most large coffee chains choose to use automatic coffee machines.

Having said so much, let’s take a look at the famous coffee machine brands in the world and what brands of coffee machines are used by the well-known coffee chains.

– Delonghi –

Delong should be a professional coffee machine brand well known to the general public. Delonghi, founded in Treviso, Italy in 1902, has a long history of 110 years and is the world’s leading manufacturer of coffee machines. Delonghi is listed as the first recommended brand of coffee machine in the U.S. consumer report. Its stability, extraction ability and cleaning ability are excellent, which is obviously superior to most coffee machine brands in the market. Its unique full-automatic Italian coffee machine series is completed by one key, including grinding, powder filling, powder pressing, filtering, boiling and cleaning. It also has an automatic descaling function system, which simplifies the maintenance of the coffee machine, which can be completed by ordinary users. The operation is simple and does not need to be taken care of by professionals. It is a good choice for many offices and small restaurants with coffee.

– Schaerer (Shelley) –

If Delong is only a professional choice at home level, Schaerer is a professional choice for commercial level full-automatic coffee. Schaerer is the world’s first fully automatic coffee machine manufacturer with the largest output. Founded in 1892, it has a history of 125 years, with an annual production capacity of 40000 units.

Schaerer comes from Switzerland, a country with fine and luxury labels. The industrial machines produced by Schaerer have been sought after by people all over the world. Schaerer has always been committed to shaping the perfect quality of each cup of coffee with science and technology. Its automatic coffee machine has the most advanced card management method, which can copy multiple sets of set programs, ensure the standard and unified grinding and extraction technology of all equipment, avoid the interference of human factors, and maintain the quality of each cup of coffee, It is also a leader in all automatic coffee machines.

Schaerer is the only coffee maker certified by ISO 9001 / en29001 2012. It is widely loved by coffee lovers everywhere. The “little blue cup” luckin coffee, which became popular in the coffee industry last year, selects Schaerer’s top automatic coffee machine.

– Franke –

Franke group, also from Switzerland, was founded in 1911. Relying on Switzerland’s exquisite manufacturing heritage, Franke always aims at innovation, high quality and enjoyment, and is committed to bringing excellent cooking enjoyment to consumers.

After a century of development, franca has 64 branches and 41 factories in 37 countries on five continents. As an indispensable equipment in Western kitchens, coffee machines are naturally France’s proud products, including fully automatic, semi-automatic and Italian traditional coffee machines Modular product selection can provide the best solution for each customer’s personalized requirements.

In addition to Schaerer, the right-hand assistant to build a “coffee kitchen” for luckin coffee also uses Franke’s top automatic coffee machine to easily bring users high-quality coffee with the same taste.

– Jura –

Jura was founded in Switzerland in 1931. It is the only brand in the world that only focuses on full-automatic coffee machines. It can be called an expert in this field. It is one of the world-famous top coffee machine brands.

In the novel girl with dragon tattoo, the first thing the heroine did after she developed was to buy a mansion equipped with Jura coffee machine. Jura’s automatic coffee machine not only has the beautiful appearance of a Swiss watch, but also makes the perfect coffee according to the variety of coffee beans and the taste you need. You don’t even need to move a coffee cup. Because several nozzles are combined, it can easily produce a bubble Cappuccino (Cab Dhino) or a perfect layered Latte Macchiato (latte Mar Kira To) for you.

Well, after introducing several world-famous brands of automatic coffee machines, let’s take a look at what coffee machines are used by the famous chain coffee brands.

As mentioned in the previous introduction, Ruixing coffee, the most popular coffee brand in China, uses the full-automatic coffee machine of Schaerer and Franke, the top brands in Switzerland. This is also an important reason why Ruixing coffee can quickly and efficiently provide consumers with China’s leading high-quality and professional coffee. Another coffee chain giant star dad uses mastrena automatic coffee machine in most stores, which is a customized brand of thermoplan in Switzerland. In addition to mastrena, Starbucks’ Zhenxuan stores also use pure manual coffee machines, including lamarzocco and Victoria Arduino Black Eagle coffee machines. As for Costa, another well-known chain coffee brand, his coffee machine is semi-automatic, and it is a customized version of a brand. After studying for a long time, I haven’t found a specific brand, which is not Lisa and Marisa mentioned on the Internet. Costa’s coffee machine has a high appearance value. Although it is semi-automatic, the grinding, water yield and time are automatic. It only needs to press the powder manually, so it is also convenient, and the overall unity of taste is also good.

That’s all for today. Next time, you can also introduce the brand of semi-automatic coffee machine, capsule coffee machine and so on. The pure silky enjoyment brought by the high-end coffee machine is the real coffee soul of a coffee shop. Remember to pay attention to the brand of the coffee machine before drinking coffee next time!

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