My toy coffeemaker

As a junior coffee lover, I started to play the entry-level Italian coffee machine in late June 2021. Today, I have some experience and experience in a month and a half. I make a record here. If I am seen by a small partner who also likes homemade coffee, I hope to communicate with you.

Let’s start with dry goods (men of science and technology will list 1, 2, 3…):

Coffee machine model: schweilang Severin ka5995, standard toy machine.

After practice, this coffee machine can make 80 points of espresso, which depends on the appropriate grinding particle size, powder amount and powder pressing force of coffee beans. These links that you can master will significantly affect the extraction pressure and flow rate.

It is strongly recommended to add these two equipment: 1. At least an entry-level electric coffee grinder (about 400 yuan) with particle size adjustment of more than 10 gears, which is different from the complimentary pulverizer; 2. For my coffee machine, buy a stainless steel handle + non pressure powder bowl set to produce stable and high quality.

After adding the above two equipment one after another, now put 18G powder in the double powder bowl, the powder pressing force is slight (no need to press the powder vigorously), the pressure will be about 10bar during extraction, and the product is much more stable.

Don’t hoard a lot of coffee beans. Freshly baked beans are much better than those stored for a period of time. There is a significant difference in oil and flavor. So I’m going to use up the stored beans and buy a pound of fresh beans. There are many choices on a treasure.

Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this coffee machine:


1. The appearance and workmanship are good, and the skin is solid. At the beginning, sometimes the particle size and powder pressing force of coffee powder are not well mastered, sometimes the pressure is too porcelain, and the pointer of the pressure gauge does not produce liquid when it reaches 15, but there is no fryer:).

2. Very cost-effective. At the price of 1000 yuan, in addition to the coffee machine body, other accessories are basically provided, including powder hammer, milk jar and flour beater (I still suggest you buy a flour mill, which can be used to make seasoning). The basic quality of the machine is OK, including pressure (although it can’t be very stable, but it can rise to 12 or 13 bar), water temperature and steam function are very weak, but they can be used. It takes a lot of practice to gradually master them. I still can’t make milk bubbles well, but I’ve made a lot of progress.

3. High playability. Because the production of toy machines is unstable, they become very fun. They need to constantly make coffee to master the balance between grinding, pressing and powder quantity, so as to improve the level of coffee production.


1. The original handle and booster bowl are relatively cheap and the product is not good. It is strongly recommended to replace them. The original handle is cast aluminum, with a plastic bowl bottom inside. The powder bowl is also a double-layer pressurized powder bowl. In any case, you can’t get fine coffee grease. After replacing with stainless steel handle and non pressure powder bowl, the problem is solved.

2. After steaming the milk, you need to put hot water to cool down before you can continue to make coffee, which takes a long time. Considering the price, this is not a hard injury.

3. The steam function is weak. It is recommended to remove the outer steel pipe sleeve and anti hot silicone sleeve. The completely exposed steam pipe is easy to use, but it takes some practice to find the appropriate position and angle to send milk bubbles.

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