How to choose a home coffee machine?

Household coffee machines can be divided into Italian automatic coffee machine, Italian semi-automatic coffee machine, drip filter coffee machine and capsule coffee machine!

1. Italian automatic and semi-automatic coffee machine

The biggest highlight of the Italian coffee machine is that it can make espresso. Users who like espresso and fancy coffee choose these two models.

What is Espresso?

Using about 7g of freshly ground coffee powder and high temperature and high pressure, after 9 atmospheres and high temperature hot water of about 92 ℃, it can produce about 30ml of espresso in 20 ~ 30 seconds.

What is fancy coffee?

The lattes, mocha, cappuccino, Herbalife and Macchiato we know well are all made of espresso with cream, milk and other substances.

The difference between the two:

Fully automatic without manual operation, it can automatically grind, fill coffee and make coffee. You can enjoy coffee by putting coffee beans. It has rich functions, complex corresponding structure and high maintenance cost.

Semi automatic is called the most professional coffee machine. The extraction is better than full-automatic, but it needs manual powder filling and pressing, which has high requirements for the operator. Compared with full-automatic, it has simple structure and easy maintenance.

2. Drip filter coffee machine

Trickle filter coffee machine is also known as American automatic. Americans drink this kind of trickle filter coffee. Trickle filter coffee is also known as American coffee by the public.

The origin of American coffee is interesting. During World War II, American soldiers were not used to Italian Espresso when they were in Italy, so they mixed a lot of hot water. Therefore, Italians call this kind of coffee Americano, which means Italian Espresso + water.

Drip filter coffee has relatively light concentration and simple operation. The finished product can be produced in 5-8 minutes. It is very suitable for use in families and offices. However, because it is normal pressure hot water, it is impossible to extract coffee oil, and the coffee concentration is not high.

If you don’t want instant coffee, but don’t pursue espresso, drip filter coffee machine is highly recommended.

3. Capsule coffee machine

If you want to drink espresso and are afraid of trouble, the capsule coffee machine is the best choice. You can enjoy the taste of espresso by using one button operation of coffee capsules. Some capsules can also be paired to make fancy coffee.

The disadvantage is that the use cost is high. The price of Italian full-automatic and semi-automatic espresso is 1-3 yuan, and the cost of capsule is 3-9 yuan; In addition, each brand of capsule is incompatible.

The choice of capsule coffee machine is actually the selection system. The capsule system determines the type, quantity and price of capsules you can enjoy later.

Nestle’s Nespresso capsule system has the highest market share, rich capsule types and low capsule prices. Its machine manufacturers include Siemens, Delong, Meno and Krups.

Illy’s iperespresso capsule system makes the most authentic Italian coffee. The selling point is Illy’s taste of Italian coffee, and the capsule price is high.

Dolce gusto is also Nestle’s capsule system. The highlight is fancy coffee. There is an additional excipient capsule. In this way, fancy coffee can be made through two capsules. Now there are also beverage capsules.

In addition, there is tassimo capsule system under Yizi, which has a relatively low market share. However, this capsule system has a two-dimensional code. The machine will judge the type of capsule according to the two-dimensional code of the capsule and set the best water temperature and quantity, which is very convenient to use.

After analyzing the characteristics of several coffee machines, let’s share some high-quality items!

Automatic coffee machine recommended:

1. Delong automatic coffee machine

The best selling models of Delong full-automatic coffee machine are esam2200 (4190 yuan) and ecam22.110. Sb (4690 yuan). Both have milk foam system, both have 15 bar pressure, both are metal grinders, the extraction movement can be disassembled and cleaned, and both have automatic cleaning function. is recommended because it uses a new electronic temperature control technology and has an immediate reheating function. This function ensures that the machine is always at the most ideal temperature for making espresso. In addition, it also has an automatic pressure relief function. After making milk bubbles, you don’t need to wait. You can make coffee directly. This product is generally sold for 4990 yuan, with a minimum price of 4140 yuan, which is very cost-effective.

2. Saeco automatic coffee machine Lirika

This model is the most cost-effective model of Saeco. Its daily price is about 3199 yuan. The product adopts LCD, milk bubble system, 15 bar pressure, ceramic grinder, extraction movement, removable cleaning and automatic cleaning function.

The disadvantage is that there are only two choices of taste. The above Delong can have a variety of choices through the knob. In addition, Saeco’s after-sales coverage is small. Please check whether there are after-sales outlets in your place.

Semi automatic coffee machine recommended

1. Maituo semi-automatic coffee machine em-19-m2

People who play semi-automatic coffee machines know the name of imitation s (which imitates Rancilio Silvia semi-automatic coffee machine). The daily price of this em-19m2 is 2580 yuan, with a minimum price of 2380 yuan. It adopts double pump independent steam, which can extract coffee and make milk bubbles at the same time. This price can be said to be extremely high.

The product adopts ULKA water pump imported from Italy, 380cc brass boiler + auxiliary electric heating, and the water temperature control is greatly improved compared with em-18. It is called an entry-level magic machine by users!

2. Huijia semi-automatic coffee machine kd-210s2

This is the most cost-effective model under Huijia. The general price is about 3100 yuan. It adopts a dual pump independent steam system, which can extract coffee and make milk bubbles at the same time. Some people make complaints about WELHOME’s lack of temperature control. It’s because WELHOME uses heating blocks, which is a bit worse than the boiler, but WELHOME is heating faster than Metso.

In addition, Huijia’s workmanship is better than Maituo’s, and its humanized design is also better. It has electric control function. It can set water temperature, pre soaking, water flow and automatic cleaning. The specific choice of the two depends on your personal preference.

3. Delong semi-automatic coffee machine ec330s

This is the best selling of Delong semi-automatic models. The general price is 1680 yuan, and the lowest is 999 yuan. The general God thinks that the semi-automatic models within 1000 yuan are toys and can’t be used. However, Delong has a pressure of 15 bar and uses a stainless steel boiler. Although it is much worse than the copper furnace, the water temperature stability is still good, and the coffee extraction is not much worse.

The shortage is the average amount of steam. It can only be said that it is enough to make milk bubbles. If the activity price can be bought, the cost performance can be said to be very high!

Drip filter coffee machine recommended

1. Delong drip filter coffee machine icm14011

Delong currently sells this drip filter coffee machine for 390 yuan, and the activity price has been sold for 299 yuan for many times. The biggest highlight is that it can adjust the coffee concentration. The principle is to control the flow rate of hot water. This function is still very practical.

Although there are more than 100 models of trickle filter coffee machine, it is not recommended that you buy it, because the low-cost goods are not good in workmanship and materials, and the temperature control is relatively poor. Although there are not so many requirements for trickle filter coffee, the water temperature still has a great impact on the taste of coffee. If you pursue low prices, Delong is still good starting with the activity price.

2. Philips drip filter coffee machine hd7685

This is the middle-end product of Philips trickling filter. The product generally sells for 719 yuan, with a minimum price of 599 yuan. The highlight is that it can also adjust the coffee concentration, but it is much better than the above Delong model. Delong only controls the water flow. This model can switch between broad water flow and concentrated water flow, which is comparable to manual operation and even more accurate than manual operation.

If you have some requirements for the taste of drip filtered coffee, this model is highly recommended.

3. Philips drip filter coffee machine hd7435

This model is the drip filter coffee machine with the highest sales in a certain East. It generally sells for 1899 yuan and the lowest is 1299 yuan. The biggest highlight is that it can be ground now. It is equipped with a conical grinder and nine grades of grinding. In addition, the concentration can be adjusted arbitrarily. The stainless steel double-layer insulation pot can maintain the freshness and heat of coffee. In general, it is not surprising that it has excellent performance and good sales.

Capsule coffee machine recommendation


Nespresso (Nespresso), founded in 1986, is a brand of Nestle focusing on capsule coffee machine and related products. Nespresso’s capsule focuses on espresso and has a lot of taste choices.

Recommended purchase: capsule coffee machine inissia series

Inissia is an introduction series of Nespresso. It is available in four colors: red, blue, black and milk white. The general price is 888 yuan, and the lowest price is 788 yuan. The pressure is 19 bar and the heating speed is 25 seconds, which fully meets the daily use. If you want to make fancy coffee, you can buy a milk foam machine to use, but it will be more troublesome.

2.Dolce Gusto

Dolce gusto duoqukusi is also a capsule coffee machine brand under Nestle, but it does not operate independently from Nestle. Dolce gusto has many fancy coffee capsules, chocolate milk and Hong Kong milk tea capsules in addition to six basic coffee capsules with different concentrations.

Recommended purchase: Delong capsule coffee machine edg305

Some people may wonder how to recommend Delong’s machine. The most important capsule coffee machine is the capsule system. Dolce gusto and Nespresso’s capsule coffee machines are produced by Delong.

This model is recommended because it is cheap. The general selling price is 1090 yuan, the minimum selling price is 940 yuan, the capacity is 0.8L, and the pressure is 15 bar. The more expensive model becomes 1L. There is no difference in other aspects.


Illy is a world-famous coffee brand. It is the first brand used in restaurants, restaurants, bars and other industries in Italy. Every day, 3 million cups of illy coffee are sold in Italy alone, and an amazing 6 million cups are sold worldwide.

Illy has developed the iperespresso capsule coffee system, which focuses on Italian coffee. The biggest selling point is Illy’s own coffee bean blending and baking formula. Compared with Nespresso, which also focuses on Italian coffee, the price is slightly higher, but the quality is excellent and the price is higher.

Recommended purchase: illy capsule coffee machine Y5 milk

Illy capsule coffee machine has x series and Y Series. The pressure of X series is 19 bar and that of Y Series is 15 bar. This model is recommended because it is the only product in the whole series with automatic milk foaming function and the price is moderate. The general price is 2699 yuan, and the lowest price is 2199 yuan.

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