How to choose a coffee machine? Which one is best for you

Capsule, semi-automatic, automatic coffee machine, which one is most suitable for you? You’ll know after reading it.

The price of coffee machine varies from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands yuan in various sizes and styles. There are many choices, and there is always one suitable for you. Your budget, your preference for coffee, and your degree of control over the production process will affect your choice.

Some coffee machines are more suitable for espresso enthusiasts, and other coffee machines can make all kinds of milk drinks. The coffee machine may limit your coffee choice, so take some time to study it before buying.

At present, there are three main types of coffee machines: capsule, full-automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines, which directly determine your coffee choice. In addition to coffee, making milk bubbles and other functions affect the range and difficulty of drinks you can make.

Now let’s look at the following aspects:

• coffee machine type

• capsule coffee machine

• fully automatic coffee machine

• semi automatic coffee machine

• main functions of coffee machine to be considered

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Coffee machine type

If you want to make espresso based coffee, such as American coffee, latte, cappuccino, furuibai, etc., you usually have the following three choices:

• capsule coffee machines – these coffee machines use pre prepared coffee capsules to make coffee quickly, easily and easily, but the choice of coffee capsules is limited and the capsule price is high.

• automatic coffee machine – from grinding coffee beans to coffee extraction, you can drink the freshest coffee.

• semi automatic coffee machine – a type often seen in coffee shops, which needs your hands to operate.

There are also filter coffee machines, which allow hot water to slowly grind coffee and drip it into the pot, rather than using pressure to make coffee like espresso machines. We will introduce this in detail later.

Capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machines such as Nespresso, tassimo and Dolce gusto are the most popular types. If you want to make coffee at home quickly and easily, they are likely to suit you.


• the volume is generally small and will not occupy too much space in the kitchen.

• the price is low, you can buy it for hundreds of yuan.

• fast and simple, the coffee tastes stable and hardly needs cleaning.

• some can also make their own hot chocolate and tea drinks.

• capsule sealing helps to keep fresh.

• coffee drinks of different styles and tastes can be selected.


• each drink is more expensive than coffee beans or coffee powder.

• coffee capsule plastic shell is not environmentally friendly.

• only specific coffee capsules can be used, and the choice is limited.

The coffee opportunities you buy affect your drink choices. Some people are keen on espresso, while others like to try different drinks, from caramel macchiato coffee to ice chocolate.

Higher priced coffee machines usually have more personalized options, such as saving your preferences or adjusting the temperature and foam settings of your drinks.

Some have apps that you can control through your phone and even remind you how many capsules are left.

The main coffee capsule brands are Dolce gusto, illy, lava zza, Nespresso and tassimo.

Automatic coffee machine

If you want to drink the freshest coffee, it must be a fully automatic coffee machine.


• instant ground coffee beans are fresher.

• automation of coffee making process.

• you can use different coffee beans, and some can also use coffee powder.

• some coffee machines have a lot of custom settings to customize drinks and remember your preferences.

• some can make two cups at a time.


• prices are generally more expensive.

• some models are bulky and bulky.

• some are troublesome to clean and easy to jam.

• noise will be generated when grinding beans.

High end automatic coffee machines generally have color touch screens and rich beverage menus. Some also have automatic milk foam function. Cheaper models may use steam sticks to bubble milk manually.

The price range of full-automatic coffee machine is very large, from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, but it is more expensive and not necessarily better. In our test, the price of some recommended automatic coffee machines is only about 2000, but it is better than some extracted coffee of nearly 10000 yuan.

Major brands of coffee machines include Delong, dualit, Jura, Melitta and Krups. Sage and Delong have some traditional models. Although they have built-in bean grinder, they still need some manual operation.

Semi automatic coffee machine

If you want to better control the coffee making process, you don’t mind preparing drinks yourself. Then the half coffee machine may be better for you.

They are also a good compromise between the price of the coffee machine and the cost of subsequent coffee.


• any coffee can be selected as long as the degree of grinding is appropriate.

• some can use coffee bags for easier cleaning.

• lower cost per cup than capsule coffee.

• more control over the intensity and amount of coffee.

• you can make two drinks at a time.


• it may take some time to get started and there is a greater chance of mistakes.

• more manual preparation and cleaning operations than other types.

Most semi-automatic coffee machines have a steam stick that you can use to make milk bubbles in a separate water cup. Many people choose the traditional appearance and determine the strength and quantity of drinks through old-fashioned turntables and controls.

However, some coffee machines like Breville one touch adopt a more friendly design for beginners, simply preset beverage settings and automatic milk foam device, and can become addicted to baristas without too much learning.

Delonghi’s semi-automatic coffee machine has the most choices, but Krups and sage are also made of some models. Argos, Beko, Sainsbury’s and Swan are cheaper options.

Main functions of coffee machine to be considered

No matter which type you choose, these are the factors to consider when buying a coffee machine:

Milk foam

If you like milk coffee drinks, such as cappuccino and latte, you’d better choose a coffee machine with milk foaming function. You need to figure out whether you want a ready-made drink or whether you want to add another milk bubble to your coffee.

• steam bar – a traditional choice, which is more common on automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines. You use steam to make milk bubbles in a separate water cup, and then add it to your drink. Some high-end models are partially automated, so you just need to put the steam rod in a water cup.

• automatic milk foaming – it can be seen on fully automatic coffee machines and some semi-automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines. Just add the milk into a special container. The built-in milk bubble will absorb the milk. After completion, the milk bubble will be added directly to the cup.

• milk foam accessories – stir and heat the milk and add it to the coffee. Usually sold with Nespresso and Lavazza pod machines. You can also buy it separately.

• milk powder capsules – make milk bubbles from high-temperature sterilized milk or milk powder capsules and add them to the cup. For tassimo and Dolce gusto capsule coffee machines.

Personalization / memory function

Some coffee machines allow you to set up drinks according to your preferences. In other words, the coffee machine will make the perfect strength and quantity of coffee for you every time.


If you often need to make a lot of coffee at one time, or don’t want to add water often, find a model with a water tank of about 1.5 liters, otherwise you will have to add water often. The water storage box of small volume model is generally small. You can consider a larger coffee machine.


Regular cleaning and descaling of the machine helps to keep it in good working condition for a long time. Coffee machines with automatic cleaning procedures are more labor-saving. If manual cleaning is required, check that the components can be easily removed for cleaning.

intelligent control

Some coffee machines can connect to your smartphone through apps. You can control the machine through the application, and you can also make troubleshooting suggestions and maintenance warnings.

Other aspects needing attention

Coffee machine brand

Coffee machine is an electrical appliance that adds color to the kitchen. Lavazza, dualit, Delonghi, Gaggia, KitchenAid, Cuisinart and other high-end brands have a series of products to choose from. Of course, there are also some brands of coffee machines that are close to the people. The performance is good, depending on how much you care about the image of the kitchen. Cheap coffee machines are difficult to add points to your in this regard.

Shape and color

Modern or retro, red or black… You can always find a coffee machine that matches the color, material and style of the kitchen. In addition, some brands also have electric kettles and bread machines supporting coffee machines. You can consider it together when you buy it.

Ease of use

It’s easy for coffee shop employees to use coffee machines, but if you want to be familiar with a manual coffee machine, it’s not necessarily a very simple thing. Therefore, it is important to choose an easy to operate coffee machine. Those models with troublesome cleaning are also best avoided.


If you always have a full schedule, tight time, or limited patience, the speed of the coffee machine should also be considered. It takes only 15 seconds for the fast coffee machine to make 30ml Expresso and stop dripping, while it takes 30 seconds for the slow coffee machine to make coffee and stop dripping in another 30 seconds.

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