Coffee knowledge | basic knowledge of coffee

Do you know what to drink when you go to the cafe to order coffee? What’s the difference between listening to cappuccino and Macchiato all day?

Today I’d like to introduce you to some basic coffee knowledge.

We usually drink three kinds of coffee: Italian coffee, American coffee and French coffee

Espresso is an Italian word, which means to make espresso on request, and now refers to espresso; Espresso is a freshly ground coffee powder of about 7 grams, using a water of 92 degrees or so under the pressure of 9Bar or so for 20~30 seconds to extract a cup of coffee beverage about 20~30ml. The surface of this cup of coffee should be covered with a layer of reddish brown foam. Guests who order espresso in cafes are either real coffee lovers or people who are very sleepy and need refreshing, because the taste is really bitter. Espresso in some cafes can choose “single share” or “double double share”. This double share does not mean two cups, but extracted with double coffee powder, which will be more bitter.

American coffee, the “coffee of the day” in many cafes is actually American coffee. The simple and clear point is that espresso is mixed with boiled water. American coffee has light taste, light color, sour and slightly bitter taste. Usually coffee shops provide milk and sugar.

Next is the latte

Latte is a classic mixture of espresso and milk foam. Pour a small amount of espresso into the bottom of the cup and fully mix the milk with espresso. The barista pulls out a variety of classic patterns in the cup. Latte is very popular in our country. Good latte has strong coffee flavor and milk flavor, and bad is coffee flavor milk, which is the key technique. The classic blend of lattes is 70% milk + 20% foam + 10% coffee.


On both sides of the Changjiang River, Elva Hsiao had a Cappuccino, which was known as “Cappuccino, a thick bubble.” the coffee is known for its foam. The ingredients of cappuccino and latte are coffee + milk + milk foam. The difference is that there are more milk foam than latte, the coffee flavor is stronger, and the milk foam is rich. Girls should like cappuccino more. Cappuccino is a classic work of Italian coffee and milk, because the color of coffee is like the headscarf covered by the dark brown coat of cappuccino church friars, so coffee is named.


The ingredients of its formula are relatively complex. Espresso + milk + chocolate sauce, the top is not milk foam, but fresh cream, squeezed with chocolate sauce, or sprinkled with cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. Chocolate and cream are sweet, so mocha coffee is a model of the combination of bitter and sweet.


Also known as caramel Machiatto,; Caramel means caramel in English, while Machiatto means “mark, brand” in Italian. Therefore, its name caramel macchiato symbolizes the sweet mark. Its composition is also the basic espresso + milk + milk foam, but it is grid shaped with caramel on the basic milk foam.

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