Can drinking coffee really lose weight?

Coffee is very popular with some office workers. They think that drinking coffee can not only refresh and improve attention at work, but also help to lose weight. But coffee itself is not flawless. If you want to drink coffee healthily, you should also pay attention to several key points of drinking coffee healthily.

Can drinking coffee really lose weight?

It should be said that “drinking coffee helps lose weight” rather than “drinking coffee can lose weight”. This is because the caffeine in coffee can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, promote the energy release of free fatty acids in the blood, and then consume more energy. In aerobic exercise, fat is usually the main energy source, and caffeine can promote fat burning efficiency.

Weight loss is a long-term process, which is full of food intake, exercise, mood and other factors, which can not be solved by a cup of coffee alone.

While drinking coffee, we should also pay attention to some matters, otherwise coffee will not bring us any benefits, but affect our body.

1. Drinking coffee is easy to cause insomnia

Coffee contains caffeine, but caffeine does not alleviate fatigue, just makes the brain feel tired. When people feel tired because of exercise or mental work, adenosine will gradually accumulate in the brain as a product of energy metabolism, making people feel tired. At this time, if you drink coffee, caffeine will replace adenosine in the brain and attach to adenosine receptors, so that people can’t feel fatigue, so as to prevent sleepiness.

However, for some people who are sensitive to caffeine, caffeine may cause the excitement of the nerve center and keep the sympathetic nerve in an excited state. When the parasympathetic nerve cannot be activated and play its function, it is difficult for people to enter the sleep state, resulting in insomnia. People who are sensitive to caffeine should not drink coffee in the afternoon, nor should they drink caffeinated drinks such as tea.

2. Beware of dehydration when drinking coffee

In addition to stimulating the nerves, caffeine also has a powerful diuretic function. After drinking coffee, people will feel like they have drunk and run to the toilet as frequently. This is actually the result of caffeine’s diuretic function. When people urinate frequently and can not fully supplement water, people are easy to be dehydrated and have various symptoms caused by water shortage, which should be paid enough attention. When drinking coffee, you should pay attention to add boiled water. At the same time, caffeine will stimulate the excessive secretion of gastric acid, so people with excessive gastric acid should drink less coffee and pay more attention not to drink coffee on an empty stomach.

3. Drinking coffee is easy to palpitation and should be avoided

Because caffeine has a medical effect, if the concentration of caffeine in the blood rises sharply, it may stimulate the central nervous system and cause mental symptoms such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excitement and anxiety. If you experience these symptoms after drinking coffee, you should reduce or avoid caffeine intake.

Some people who love coffee should pay attention to that although coffee is delicious, don’t be greedy!

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