a corner of the office will be decorated with the feeling of a cafe In 2021

Although there are many cafes now, it is easy to buy good coffee. With good equipment and coffee beans, you will get a good cup of coffee. But sometimes you can get coffee by yourself through simple equipment. The feeling is different from that of drinking in a coffee shop. And you can buy beans that you like with different baking degrees and flavors to try. This brings a great coffee experience.

In fact, only 1 ㎡ is needed to vacate the position of the coffee corner. A table can basically hold several coffee machines and store things. If you have a special preference for cups, it is recommended to buy a table with storage rack, put many beautiful cups on it, and put coffee beans and some things in the lower cabinet.

At the beginning of the coffee corner, an office was added due to the expansion of the company. Because there was already a full-automatic coffee machine to serve you, SMEG coffee machine, which had been thinking about planting grass for a long time, was purchased. SMEG ice boxes and some small household appliances were seen on some websites and software long ago. At the beginning, I liked Italian coffee machine, SMEG’s design is different from many brands. The retro shape and feeling are very special, and the appearance value is very high.

Espresso Machine:


American coffee machine:


SMEG’s design style is very unified, and the color of baking paint is also a bright spot. At that time, the reason why I didn’t choose the same color was that I thought the three colors were very good-looking, milk white, red and black, so I decided to buy one color for each of the three. I didn’t expect it to match well. I can enjoy three colors at a time, which is really a kind of enjoyment.

360 degrees are so good-looking. The front and sides are very good-looking. My eyes are still very good.

I bought some small equipment. When I bought the coffee machine, I sent a drawing jar and a powder dispenser. Later, I bought a powder hammer and a bottomless handle, as well as a powder bucket and a mat. A small desktop can operate easily.

Share some more usage pictures:

I usually use the m-gear automatic gear for the bean grinder.

The bracket equipped with the bean grinder is very convenient when making Italian coffee. There is also a quantitative adjustment of Italian double cups in the gear. You can basically get the corresponding amount by clicking. Sometimes there may be some differences in beans with different baking degrees. Just click it manually to supplement.

Each time of cloth powder and powder pressing is a fun to start. The automatic coffee machine has no such hands-on operation experience.

Set as header

Although the Italian products are not very amazing, there is still no problem in extracting the oil and taste. Moreover, I usually drink more American style. I rarely use the steam of the machine. Sometimes I use it when making milk coffee for customers.

It’s still a little difficult to beat milk bubbles. At the beginning, they were thick milk bubbles. Later, I watched some videos to master the angle and adjust the depth. I beat them a little better. I saw that some of the shared ones can still be pulled, and some simple shapes. If I want to pull flowers, it may take very hard practice.

However, I don’t like cappuccino very much. It’s more convenient to make American and latte. Making a cup of coffee is actually not as difficult as I thought, but it’s troublesome to clean it often, ha ha. It’s still very comfortable and refreshing to make a cup of ice American style in summer.

The grinder also has several gear quantitative modes. For example, if you want to make four cups of coffee, you can adjust it to gear 4 to grind the powder automatically, which is very convenient.

Generally, I add filter paper to make American coffee. On the one hand, I think it will be much more convenient to clean the filter screen. On the other hand, the coffee tastes smoother.

Whether it’s making yourself a cup of coffee when you’re tired or making a pot of American coffee at a multi person meeting, it’s simple and convenient. You can enjoy the power brought by caffeine, and you can’t help looking at SMEG products every time you see them. Customers are also attracted by this small coffee corner, which is particularly eye-catching. They want to taste coffee.

Next, I will continue to manage this coffee corner, learn different coffee making methods, and make more delicious coffee for my colleagues, so as to say “your coffee is no worse than what you buy outside”, full of a sense of achievement. The dream of becoming rich by selling coffee at a stall is one step closer.

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