My toy coffeemaker

As a junior coffee lover, I started to play the entry-level Italian coffee machine in late June 2021. Today, I have some experience and experience in a month and a half. I make a record here. If I am seen by a small partner who also likes homemade coffee, I hope to communicate with you. … Read more

How to choose a home coffee machine?

Household coffee machines can be divided into Italian automatic coffee machine, Italian semi-automatic coffee machine, drip filter coffee machine and capsule coffee machine! 1. Italian automatic and semi-automatic coffee machine The biggest highlight of the Italian coffee machine is that it can make espresso. Users who like espresso and fancy coffee choose these two models. … Read more

A complete guide to coffee

This article is a bit long. It contains almost all the basic knowledge you should know about coffee. Through this article, you can at least answer the following questions: What exactly are we drinking in the coffee market? What is the process from planting coffee beans to making a cup of coffee? What are the … Read more

Coffee knowledge | basic knowledge of coffee

Do you know what to drink when you go to the cafe to order coffee? What’s the difference between listening to cappuccino and Macchiato all day? Today I’d like to introduce you to some basic coffee knowledge. We usually drink three kinds of coffee: Italian coffee, American coffee and French coffee Espresso is an Italian … Read more

Origin and history of coffee

The origin and history of coffee in life, coffee can be seen everywhere. Starbucks is popular all over the world, Ruixing coffee, the representative of the new star school, and cafes can be seen everywhere on the streets. We don’t know when coffee has been known and accepted by the Chinese people, but the history … Read more

Coffee knowledge: what’s in coffee?

Are you the same After drinking coffee for many years, but still don’t know what coffee is? So, Today’s article, please be sure to see the last C a f e i n e caffeine Caffeine is the most well-known of all coffee ingredients. It belongs to a kind of plant xanthin (animal muscle component). … Read more